Energizer MAX

NEW! Energizer MAX - no leakage guaranteed!




Power Seal - Technology


No leakage GUARANTEED!

Protects your investment and saves power in the long term - up to 10 years for use.

Power without risk - No leakage. Guaranteed. Should the battery run out but once, replaced Energizer not only purchased the Max battery, but also the by the expiry of damaged equipment.

Energizer Max is designed to protect your equipment against damage spout. Rely on your clocks, toys, flashlights and other high-valent devices on the durable performance and equipment protection you expect from Energizer.

Energizer Max - our premium alkaline battery for reliable and durable performance.

The innovative Energizer Power Seal technology saves energy for 10 years and gives you the power you need, whenever necessary.

Energizer Max batteries are suitable for all devices of everyday use.

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