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Belcher chain

price per cm.

Minimum order qty

Silver, Double and stainless steel: 10cm

Gold: 1 cm

  • namewidthtypealloyunititem No.
    endless chain1,50 mmBelcher Chainsdoublé yellow10/100485339
    endless chain2,00 mmBelcher Chainsdoublé yellow10/100485340
    endless chain2,50 mmBelcher Chainsdoublé yellow10/100485341
    endless chain3,00 mmBelcher Chainsdoublé yellow10/100485342
  • namewidthtypealloyunititem No.
    endless chain1,50 mmpea-chainS 925/-10/100485039
    endless chain2,00 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485040
    endless chain2,50 mmpea-chainS 925/-10/100485041
    endless chain3,00 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485042
    endless chain3,50 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485046
    endless chain4,00 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485047
    endless chain5,00 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485048
    endless chain6,00 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485049
    endless chain7,20 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485058
    endless chain9,40 mmBelcher ChainsS 925/-10/100485059
  • namewidthtypealloyunititem No.
    endless chain3,00 mmBelcher ChainsYG 333/-1/10485142
  • namewidthtypealloyunititem No.
    endless chain2,00 mmpea-chainYG 585/-1/10485240
    endless chain2,50 mmBelcher ChainsYG 585/-1/10485241
    endless chain3,00 mmBelcher ChainsYG 585/-1/10485242

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