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pocket-watch bows

    • selection
      nametypecontentsadditionitem No.
      pocket-watch bowsselection20 piecesOval041098
    • shape : round
      Pocket-watch bow, round

      Contents 2 pieces of each size
      nameØcolourshapeitem No.
      shackle14 mmyellowround041012
      shackle16 mmyellowround041013
      shackle18 mmyellowround041014
      shackle20 mmpinkround041018
      shackle14 mmchromeround041007
      shackle16 mmchromeround041008
      shackle18 mmchromeround041009
      shackle20 mmchromeround041010
    • shape : oval
      Pocket-watch bow, oval

      Contents 2 pieces of each size
      nameshapecolourØitem No.
      shackleovalyellow11 mm041050
      shackleovalyellow13 mm041051
      shackleovalyellow15 mm041052
      shackleovalyellow17 mm041053
      shackleovalyellow19 mm041054
      shackleovalyellow21 mm041055
      shackleovalpink19 mm041064
      shackleovalchrome11 mm041000
      shackleovalchrome13 mm041001
      shackleovalchrome15 mm041002
      shackleovalchrome17 mm041003
      shackleovalchrome19 mm041004
      shackleovalchrome21 mm041005
      shackleovalsilver13 mm041081
      shackleovalsilver15 mm041082
      shackleovalsilver17 mm041083
      shackleovalsilver19 mm041084
    • shape : oval modern
      Pocket-watch bow, oval modern

      Contents 2 pieces of each size
      nameØcolourshapeitem No.
      shackle14 mmyellowoval modern041090
      shackle16 mmyellowoval modern041091
      shackle20 mmyellowoval modern041093
      shackle14 mmchromeoval modern041040
      shackle16 mmchromeoval modern041041
    • shape : fantasy
      Pocket-watch bow, various shapes

      Contents 1 piece of each size
      nameØcolourshapeitem No.
      shackle13 mmyellowFantasie041030
      shackle15 mmyellowFantasie041033
      shackle15 mmyellowFantasie041035
      shackle12 mmchromeFantasie041021
      shackle23 mmchromeFantasie041023
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