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Overview of the commonest Omega crowns.

find further watch parts for OMEGA in our reference database.

    • dust protection
      Original Omega crowns, dust-protection

      nameversionshapedimensionscolouradditionitem No.
      crownsFedertubusOmega 220013.5x​0.9yellowHöhe 1.509652220011
      crownsFedertubusOmega 220033.75x​0.9steelHöhe 1.509652220030
      crownsFedertubusOmega 220214.0x​0.9steelHöhe 1.709652220210
      crownsFedertubusOmega 230034.5x​0.9steelHöhe 1.509652230030
    • dust protection with stone
      Original Omega crowns, dust-protection and stone
      nameversionshapedimensionscolouradditionitem No.
      crownsStein schwarzOmega 220614.0x​0.9steelHöhe 2.009652220610
    • watertight, shape 1
      Original Omega crowns, water-resistant
      nameversionshapedimensionsbarrelcolouradditionitem No.
      crownswaterproofOmega 421454.5x​0.92.00gold-platedHöhe 2.509652421451
      crownswaterproofOmega 430086.0x​1.02.50yellowHöhe 3.009652430081
      crownswaterproofOmega 430186.8x​1.02.50yellowHöhe 3.709652430181
    • with pusher / corrector
      Original Omega crowns, water-resistant with pushbutton / corrector
      nameversionshapedimensionscolouradditionitem No.
      crownmit DrückerOmega 432804.0x​1.0yellowHöhe 2.409652432801
    • for screwing
      Original Screw-in Omega crowns, water-resistant
      nameversionshapedimensionscolouradditionitem No.
      crownfor screwingOmega 421215.2x​0.9yellowHöhe 4.109652421211
      crownfor screwingOmega 421735.5x​0.9yellowHöhe 3.209652421731
      crownfor screwingOmega 421475.5x​0.9YG/750 solidHöhe 4.509652421471
      crownfor screwingOmega 421546.0x​0.9YG/750 solidHöhe 4.809652421541
      crownfor screwingOmega 432486.1x​0.9yellowHöhe 5.309652432481
      crownfor screwingOmega 421735.5x​0.9steelHöhe 3.209652421730

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