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ETA - jewels

ETA Bestsellers ruby jewels in a advantage box with 3 pieces each.
namepin Øoutside diameterheightadditioncontentsitem No.
ruby jewels0.100.700,163 pieces818991007
ruby jewels0.100.900,183 pieces818991009
ruby jewels0.110.700,183 pieces818991107
ruby jewels0.110.900,183 pieces818991109
ruby jewels0.111.000,183 pieces818991110
ruby jewels0.111.800,363 pieces818991118
ruby jewels0.140.600,223 pieces818991406
ruby jewels0.140.700,18#227 2892-23 pieces818991407
ruby jewels0.140.900,183 pieces818991409
ruby jewels0.141.000,14#210+227 2824-23 pieces818991410
ruby jewels0.141.000,183 pieces818911410
ruby jewels0.141.800,363 pieces818991418
ruby jewels0.160.600,143 pieces818991606
ruby jewels0.160.700,143 pieces818991607
ruby jewels0.161.000,223 pieces818991610
ruby jewels0.180.700,223 pieces818991807
ruby jewels0.200.800,203 pieces818992008
ruby jewels0.200.900,183 pieces818992009
ruby jewels0.250.700,183 pieces818992507
ruby jewels0.250.800,253 pieces818992508
ruby jewels0.250.900,223 pieces818992509
ruby jewels0.251.000,25#1488 77503 pieces818992510
ruby jewels0.261,200,303 pieces818992612
ruby jewels0.262.000,363 pieces818992620
ruby jewels0.300.900,253 pieces818993009
ruby jewels0.301.000,25#203+105 # 2892-23 pieces818993010
ruby jewels0.301,200,30#203 2824-23 pieces818993012
ruby jewels0,311,200,303 pieces818993112
ruby jewels0.351.000,223 pieces818993510
ruby jewels0.401.000,303 pieces818994010
ruby jewels0.401,200,253 pieces818994012
ruby jewels0.420.800,163 pieces818994208
ruby jewels0.501.000,253 pieces818995010
ruby jewels0.501,200,303 pieces818995012
ruby jewels0.601.000,303 pieces818996010
ruby jewels0.662.200,453 pieces818996622
ruby jewels0.701.400,40#182 2824-23 pieces818997014
ruby jewels1,012.000,45#201 6498-13 pieces818990120
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