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Wave clasp

the new elegant, wave-shaped jewellery clasps and beads from the house of J. Köhle - made in Germany. Creat your own brads and necklaces combined with small gemstones or pearls.

all clasps with snap closure to thead.

    • Clasps with snap closure
      to thread
      nameØversionalloyunititem No.
      Clasps31 mmpolishedS 925/- rhodium plated1476090
      Clasps31 mmpolishedS 925/- gold-plated1476390
      Clasps31 mmpolishedS 925/- rose gold plated1476990
      Clasps37 mmpolishedS 925/- rhodium plated1476091
      Clasps37 mmpolishedS 925/- gold-plated1476391
      Clasps37 mmpolishedS 925/- rose gold plated1476991
    • Clasps with snap closure
      And threading
      nameØversionalloyunititem No.
      Clasps31 mmmattS 925/- rhodium plated1476095
      Clasps31 mmmattS 925/- gold-plated1476395
      Clasps31 mmmattS 925/- rose gold plated1476995
      Clasps37 mmmattS 925/- rhodium plated1476096
      Clasps37 mmmattS 925/- gold-plated1476396
      Clasps37 mmmattS 925/- rose gold plated1476996
    • Clasps with snap closure
      And threading
      nameØversionalloyunititem No.
      Clasps30mm + eyePos. 1S 925/- rhodium plated1476092
      Clasps30mm + eyePos. 1S 925/- rose gold plated1476992

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