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NEW! Triton Watch Winders with touchscreen and memory-safe technology.

working chair

NEW! Ergonomic swivel chair with Syncro-Activ-Balance and AGR seal of approval.

bench top, anti-skid

Anti-skid bench mat of soft, flexible, lightweight material.


Powerful watch-winder for continuous operation.

system tool

All-round multi-tool from Swiss production.

casing cushion

Reversible casing cushion with an adhesive surface.

cleaning cloth

cleaning wipes - impregnated made of polypropylene.

oil cup stand

Oil cups stand made of black anodized injection.

GRS special

GRS special tools for setters and engravers.

soldering block

Skamolex soldering block heat resistant up to 1100°C.

magnetic clasps

Langer magnetic clasps for the highest quality standards.

Oxid-Ex Surface Deoxidation

New surface deoxidation and pickling for gold, silver and double-alloys.


Microscope-System complete package with moveable stand and LED ring lamp.

hollow bur

BUSCH concave cutter with outstanding TWINCUT blade geometry.


Compact sandblaster Renfert Basic Classic with one abrasive tankmodule.

clip claps

Clique ... Claque ... Charming - clip closures with snap closure.
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Watch Winders 2014

It's time, the new watch winders brochure 2014 is available!

Autumn News

News and offers for watch and jewellery technology.

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