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Promotion! Bergeon ergonomic screwdriver assortment at a special price.

support for impulse-pin

Bergeon support for cleaning the impulse-pin

oil cup stand

Oil cups stand made of black anodized injection.

pendulum springs

Assortment of pendulum springs for wall and table clocks, regulators.

vice with quick-release

Watchmaker precision vise to engage into the worktop.

Case holder

Practical case holder with variable setting.

bench top, anti-skid

Anti-skid bench mat of soft, flexible, lightweight material.

Nittel system

NITTEL closure systems for soldering, threading or gluing.

soldering lamp

Spiritus lamp made of brass in the form of a can.


Material such as rubber, leather, silicone by the metre.

cleaning cloth

cleaning wipes - impregnated made of polypropylene.

working lamp

Twist portable lamp with full spectrum daylight technology

Oxhydrogen welder

Migomat Lötstar LS141 for demanding soldering.


Current movements assortments - now at a special price.


Luxor polishing pastes assortment including gloves and finger cots.
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Red Dot Design Award Winner 2014 - ErgoPlus precision pliers.

Summer News 2014

News and offers for watch and jewellery technology.