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Special products
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precision welder

Developed by goldsmiths for goldsmiths.

special bottle

Special bottle "Fixodrop" with special closure for Fixodrop fluid..

movement holder Duroplast

Movement holder made of duroplast with support screws and base 31mm.

bezel remover

New ergonomic design for easy removal of all kinds of bezels.

Eyeglasses Ary

ARY glasses magnifying glasses in various strengths and Swiss quality.

dust blower

Dust blower - pear shape in best quality - Swiss Made.

rotor underlay

Rotor support base with teeth for damage-free disassembly of the rotor bearings.


Unique and personally - your handwriting, your engraving!

craft wire

Let your imagination run wild with the new craft wire..

crimp beads

Assortment bead tips, crimp beads and tubes.

cold gold-plating baths

Cold color gold baths - working at room temperature.

soldering block

Skamolex soldering block heat resistant up to 1100°C.

solvent dispenser

benzine dispenser with automatic check valve.
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