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You can download the brand new watch winders and displays brochure 2019/2020 here as pdf or order this in print form.

The 12-page brochure offers a wide selection of watch winders, collector boxes, watch cases as well as maintenance products for resale.

The pdf is already provided without the prices. Your personal purchase price list with order sheet can be found in the download section under News.

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Doing the right thing

**An integral part of the Energizer DNA **

Environmental, social and economic responsibility has always had a high priority in Energizer's consciousness. In the areas of product & packaging development and recycling & public relations, Energizer ensures the availability of natural resources for future generations.

The stock packs as well as the hanging packs are plastic-free* and sustainably produced from recycled materials. With this measure, Energizer not only wants to conserve resources and the environment, but also support responsible forestry. Your contribution to us: Optimised messages on the front and back help to find the right batteries for each application. In addition, the new packaging is easier to open, resealable for better storage, and 100% recyclable.

Gravotech - WeLase

Compact laser engraving machine for personalisation

Specially developed for the retail trade
This marking laser is small, stylish and quiet with large viewing windows. It offers a great in-store experience and creates a memorable moment for your customers when a gift item they have just purchased is instantly engraved. The “WeLase” meets strict global safety regulations and is a certified Class 1 system designed for use in public retail environments.

High-end technology made simple
Benefit from a user-friendly laser with cutting-edge technology that can be operated without any prior knowledge. The WeLase features the following tools:
• High-speed marking knob
• Automatic Z-axis
• Positioning assistants
• Extensive accessory sets such as “Jeweller's Package” and "EasyFix Set
• Customised software options

The engraving software “LaserStyle 9” is easy to operate via the graphical user interface on the PC and offers various functions for formatting text, graphics and images. The software is included in the scope of delivery and can be quickly learned in the course of a training seminar.

Customised laser engraving
The “WeLase” is available with fibre, CO2, hybrid or green laser sources to achieve the best results for the material. With many accessories, options and special packages, we have the solution for your items, e.g. engraving rings, inscribing ID bands, engraving leather bracelets or wooden items, and many more. The machine can transfer various engraving techniques and effects such as hatching, contour or blackening.

Fields of application:
• Names, initials, patterns, barcodes and serial numbers
• Fingerprints, logos and photos
• Flat and cylindrical workpieces
• Internal and external engravings on rings, bangles and watch cases
• Deep engravings
• Cutting of filigree shapes (WeLase Fiber+)

Safe and comfortable
The compact protective housing (class 1 when the door is closed) not only ensures work safety, but also reduces the dispersion of material particles that can arise during engraving. To extract the particles, the “ES Mini” extraction filter system should be connected to the rear of the unit.

Bergeon Manufacture

BERGEON a manucfature of the latest generation!

Bergeon SA has evolved over the last few years from a successful tool dealer to a manufacturer of excellence.

This manufacture is a reference on the market and offers the widest range of watchmaking tools and equipment: from the classic watchmaker's screwdriver to the latest generation watchmaker's workbench.

Today, almost 75% of the products are manufactured in-house at BERGEON SA.

BERGEON know how is illustrated by this brochure, which highlights the work of a team of enthusiasts working on the design and manufacture of professional tools and equipment for the microtechnical professions.

Spring News 2022

Exciting products and many novelties are waiting for you.

In the current Spring News 2022 you will get an overview of the most important novelties and offers in watch and jewellery technology.

Current novelties and various special offers are waiting for you, so we have for you:

• ... new leather strap assortments in fresh colours
• ... vegan straps made from apple fibre
• ... Batteries and ear studs with attractive promotional rewards
• ... beautifully shaped and elegant jewellery clasps
• ... trendy bracelets with different charm holders
• ... new pendant plates for engraving
• ... RX Bestfit spare parts and tools for your service
• ... Bergeon novelties
• ... Bench lights Waldmann Taneo "Redisigns" now also as turnable white and in full spectrum
• ... the new PUK 6 fine welding unit with new functions
• ... Polywatch cleaning and care products
• ... Special offers and price advantages

Have we aroused your interest ?

Click on our news flyer and get an overview of all new products.

You will find the Spring News 2022 with prices in the download area.


50 years MIG-O-MAT

This has to be celebrated: 50 years of MIG-O-MAT

"50 years of MIG-O-MAT" and therefore also 50 years of LOETSTAR microflame soldering units from the house of MIG-O-MAT.

Since 1972 MIG-O-MAT has been developing trend-setting welding technologies and manufacturing the corresponding devices and systems in the field of plasma welding and microflame sodering.

As the LOETSTAR units are developed and manufactured in Germany, it is possible to react with a maximum of flexibility to the given requirements and framework conditions and thus achieve solutions tailored to the application.

Our customers are always satisfied with the results and the product quality of MIG-O-MAT. The LOETSTAR units convince with their effectiveness, economy and durability. It is not without reason that MIG-O-MAT is one of the market leaders in Germany in the field of microflame soldering and serves customers worldwide who play it safe with the high quality of LOETSTAR units "made in Germany".

Benefit from the 50th anniversary of MIG-O-MAT and receive a 10% discount on the purchase of a LOETSTAR microflame brazing machine with "freight free" delivery in the period until 31 May 2022.

The new PUK 6

Precision welding reinvented.

A comparison with its predecessors unveils: 20 years of experience and passion in development are taking micro welding technology with the PUK 6 to a completely new level.

• Up to 3.3 welding spots per second: Welding sequence now up to 65 % faster
• Smoother, more homogeneous weld spots – excellent weld seam even with variable weld spot gaps
• Higher heat input where needed: Perfect welding results even with critical materials
• 50 % smaller welding spots in low power range
• Minimal pulse duration now down to 0.1 ms: 67 % shorter welding time in micro mode

• 70 % higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle in any operating condition
• Quick operation and material selection through direct menu selection with one single turn-push-tilt knob
• New standby mode: Continuous availability at 85 % lower energy consumption

Handpiece & Electrode
• 20 % faster and, thus, more agile electrode travel
• Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1 mm
• Up to 50 % longer service life of the electrode

• Newly structured display design with improved resolution
• Clear design language with timeless aesthetics – a visual highlight at every workplace
• Fine, selected materials for highest standards on value and appearance

• Optimised welding curves for all weldable alloys in jewellery manufacturing
• Higher maximum power and improved welding performance, particularly with highly conductive silver, copper and tin alloys due to new speed function
• New standby mode – quick restart, minimum energy consumption

Operation & Functionality
• NEW: One-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function as well as simplified, intuitive menu guidance
• Quicker maximum welding spot sequences due to the enhanced speed function – adjustable in 3 levels
• Refined micro-mode enables new welding possibilities with finer increments in adjustment when welding at the lowest possible performance range
• Newly designed and patented welding process control prevents welding errors, enables even quicker learning of the PUK welding – easier start for the PUK beginner

Battery Rewards 2022

What reward can it be?

Benefit from BOLEY Battery Rewards in the new year 2022 as well!

In the new year you will again have the choice between three attractive rewards. We have selected the battery rewards with great care and they will all come from premium brand manufacturers. Without exception, these are are practical articles for daily use that are currently the focus of interest.

The purchase of the ENERGIZER, MURATA and RENATA battery packs will follow a tried-and-tested pattern: spread the purchase of the packs over the entire year 2022 according to your individual battery requirements. The final settlement of the annual rewards will then only take place at the end of 2022.

These battery packs cannot be combined with other premium promotions. Delivery while stocks last!

KRUPS EA 8150" fully automatic coffee maker for a perfect coffee experience
• Automatic double grind function for large coffee (2 x 60 ml - 2 x 120 ml)
• Pump pressure: 15 bar
• CappuccinoPlus - milk nozzle: frothing directly in the cup
• Height-adjustable coffee spout (from 60 mm to 105 mm)
• Steam function
• Transparent bean container (275 g)
• Large 1.8 litre water tank
• Automatic cleaning and descaling programme
• Programmable automatic switch-off

Powerful "SONOS ONE SL" Smart Speaker
• Room-filling sound: experience impressive and detailed sound and powerful bass
• Space-saving design: the speaker is compact enough to fit on any kitchen counter or bookshelf
• Double great: enjoy even clearer, room-filling sound with a stereo pair of speakers
• LAN (Ethernet), WLAN (WiFi)
• Connect, tap and play: perfect control via the SONOS App or Apple Airplay 2, which lets you stream music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks in minutes
• "Multiroom" capable and combinable with additional devices

Fully automatic vacuuming system for your food "CASO VC10"
• Fully automatic vacuum sealer
• Ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit
• Removable vacuum chamber
• Vacuum regulating with stop button: perfect for sensitive goods
• Electronic temperature control for perfect seam weld
• Incl. 10 premium-quality bags (20x30 cm) + vacuum hose for container


A special kind of toolbox!


Watchmakers’ tool kits « Tradition »??
The collectors' dream gift

Fans of watchmaking, its history and the high-precision know-how that surrounds it, many personalities have already fallen under the spell of this watchmaking box.

It has already been ordered in a non-leather version by the Dalai Lama himself. Or, more recently, by Sir Jony Ive, former vice-president and designer of Apple products, for his personal use and a second copy for a famous friend... A formidable paradox for this man who designed the Apple Watch but who remains deep down a fan of mechanical watchmaking.

40 tools in a magical case!

When Petitpierre designed this unique box of watchmaking tools, in the Tradition or Passion versions, it did not necessarily have this starry destiny in mind. We wanted to revive the profession of the Belfry clockmaker who, facing winds and storms, tirelessly maintained the clocks in bell towers around the world...

We wanted to perpetuate this exceptional know-how by concentrating our long experience in the development and manufacture of watchmaking tools and our passion for this legendary profession in this magical case.

This aesthetic and functional box is intended for all those who share this passion, for collectors, for the passionate watchmaker or the master watchmaker. In the Coffret Tradition, 40 extremely precise tools are delicately housed in a high-end case. More accessible, the Coffret Passion jealously houses 13 tools in the pure tradition of the great master watchmakers.

An already incredible destiny!

These tools have been made from very noble materials, such as Macassar ebony for the handles (as well as the case) and stainless steel or hardened stainless steel for tools that are subject to particular constraints.

Each tool can be used on a daily basis thanks to a layout carefully thought out by watchmakers, who are used to their use.

To take this exclusive design approach to its logical conclusion, we have produced a case that will allow you to transport your cases and your precious tools without risk.

Boris Petitpierre can testify to this: I still can't believe it... the destiny of this case is incredible. In 2013, it was on the stage as lot N°15 of a charity event in New-York in front of the red piano on which Elton John was playing... This Coffret Tradition was there, in the heart of the world's jet-set, surrounded by stars including the famous Bono. What followed confirmed the extraordinary destiny of this rare object, which always lights up the eyes of great watch lovers!

Delivery address

How to change your delivery address.

and redirect your shipment where you can best be reached.

1. store delivery address in the master data

In the menu item -> MyBoley -> Profile you can store and save a delivery address in your master data, regardless of your billing address.

2. select delivery address individually per shipment

Before sending your current shopping cart, you can check the box "deviating delivery address" and the delivery address will be displayed for your further checking.

Elmasonic Select

Proven technology. More individuality.

Powerful and individual – these are the ultrasonic cleaning devices of the series Elmasonic Select.

Equipped with an ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz, 5 ultrasonic modes, the possibility to save up to 4 individual cleaning programmes and with tank volumes from 3 to 90 litres (from Select 60 with drain), Elmasonic Select devices are versatile. Application-specific cleaning chemicals and practical accessories such as baskets, noise protection boxes, holders, etc. ensure best cleaning results.

Memory for up to 4 individually adjustable cleaning programmes
for an easily and quickly available cleaning procedure in the ultrasonic device and reproducible cleaning

Practical, configurable functions
like the limit temperature for temperature-sensitive processes and parts, the auto-degas mode for automatic degassing and the auto-start mode for automatic heating of the cleaning liquid before cleaning

5 ultrasonic cleaning modes for best cleaning results and easy sample preparation
• degas: Quick degassing of freshly prepared cleaning solutions and of (HPLC) samples
• eco: For gentle cleaning with quiet operation and for a longer service life of the ultrasonic cleaning device
• sweep: Uniform distribution of the ultrasonic power for most cleaning tasks
• pulse: Removes even stubborn contaminations through a pulsating sound field distribution
• dynamic: Combines the ultrasonic modes pulse and sweep to increase the overall cleaning performance

Clear, easy-to-read display
showing all relevant cleaning parameters e.g. remaining cleaning time, set/actual temperature for precise adjustment

Acoustic and visual feedback on the operating status
e.g. at the end of cleaning or when the set limit temperature is exceeded

Suitable accessories such as inserts, holders, noise protection boxes, etc.
facilitated cleaning and ensure quieter operation

Industry-specific cleaning chemistry
is ecologically and economically optimised.

Meet Olivia

NEW! Rolling Mills with 50:1 reduction.

Combi and Flat Rolling Mills Durston Olivia

The new Olivia rolling mills from Durston with a new patent-pending design and a 50:1 reduction gearbox that makes it even easier to operate.

Advantages of "Durston Olivia":

• Apart from the obvious 50:1 gearbox making it that much easier to roll out material.

• Now you can sit down using a Rolling Mill. – or stand up. Whatever you prefer.

• Great for people with bad backs, disabilities, or those who find it difficult to move around or stand up for long periods.

• Great for shorter people or for those who find long reach arm movement difficult.

• Increased productivity. Now you can move from the bench to Rolling Mill without standing up and moving across the room.

• More compact. All one unit without the need for additional turning space.

• Now you can place your Rolling Mill anywhere along the bench to suit you. No need to place it at the end.

• Smoother operation for a better-rolled product.

• Great for Roller printing as more tension can be applied.
Mela Grain

Vegan Watch Straps now also with grain!
Our watch straps novelty:
"Mela Grain" - Vegan watch straps with grain made from apple fibres.

Gebrüder Boley is pleased to present our latest product innovation: Vegan watch straps with grain in new autumn colours made from apple fibres. The remains of the apples (pomace) are dried and ground until a very fine powder is produced. In order to create a leather alternative, the powdered apple residues have to be applied to a thin layer of fabric that has been coated with a mixture of solvent and plastic. The production process is as resource and environmentally friendly as possible, and the pomace is a waste product of the apple that is recycled.

Apple straps are amazingly similar to classic leather straps in terms of quality, look and feel. They are water repellent, weather resistant, abrasion and tear resistant and are characterised by a high level of resistance. All apple bands bear the imprint "apple fibre" and come with a high-quality buckle in jasp steel.

The straps are available in seven colours and in two widths: 20/18, 22/20 mm.
Bonflair Straps

NOW NEW WITH 3.0 x RRP Calculation

NOW NEW WITH 3.0 x RRP Calculation

Many underestimate the sale of leather straps or do not present them properly to customers. At the same time, the frequency of customers in the retail shops has decreased - even before the Corona crisis. In order for leather straps to continue to generate a contribution margin for the retail business, RRP prices must consequently increase. After all, everything is becoming more expensive in all areas of life.

Gebrüder Boley is taking this development into account and has increased the RRP prices for Bonflair leather straps from a factor of 2.5x to 3.0x as of 1 July 2021. Your purchase prices have not changed. You will therefore benefit from a higher margin with the same good quality and a wide range of products with high stock availability. Bonflair leather straps cover a price range from EUR 13.50 to EUR 46.50. The Bonflair range is rounded off by an interesting selection of metal straps and special straps in nylon, rubber and silicone. For some time now, we have had vegan watch straps as a new addition to our range. The new Mela-Soft collection, produced from apple fibres, has met with great approval. High-quality leather strap and bracelet displays in solid beech, which can be ordered as floor stands or table-top stands, serve as your presentation. An online shop generator for leather bands helps you to quickly put together your bands.

Your quick service for straps is and remains a good business and should not seem annoying. On the contrary, someone who comes to the shop for a strap change could also buy a watch or a piece of jewellery.


Vegan watch straps made from apple fibres
Our watch bands novelty:
"Mela Soft" - Vegan watch straps made from apple fibres.

Gebrüder Boley is pleased to present our latest product innovation: Vegan watch straps made from apple fibres. The remains of the apples (pomace) are dried and ground until a very fine powder is produced. In order to create a leather alternative, the powdered apple residues have to be applied to a thin layer of fabric that has been coated with a mixture of solvent and plastic. The production process is as resource and environmentally friendly as possible, and the pomace is a waste product of the apple that is recycled.

Apple straps are amazingly similar to classic leather straps in terms of quality, look and feel. They are water repellent, weather resistant, abrasion and tear resistant and are characterised by a high level of resistance. All apple bands bear the imprint "apple fibre" and come with a high-quality buckle in jasp steel.

The bands are available in eight colours and in four (straight, not tapered) widths: 14/14, 16/16, 18/18 and 20/20 mm.
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