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Thickness: 2,0 mm

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Firescoff Ceramic Flux

Firescoff is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating. Firescoff combines a scale preventer, a high performance non-fluorinated flux (for both hard and soft solder) and the convenience of easy removal in warm water, all-in-one. Leading Jewelers and Jewelry Manufacturers have switched from using boric acid, paste flux, and pickle solution to Firescoff because Firescoff is faster, offers more protection for gemstones, and features a no-acid warm water cleanup.

• Replaces Flux, Firecoat and Pickle
• Industry leading firescale protection
• Flawles void-free welds
• Consistent, predictable solder flow
• Multiple soldering possible by single application
• 60% reduction in premp time
• Maintans original metal color and platina
• Fluoride Free (safe for ruby and sapphires)
• Non-Toxic, No Outgassing (refer to MSDS)
• All-in-one Convenience
• Easy warm water clean-up

Gently heat jewellery to arround 120 °C. Spray Firescoff so that a fine mist covers the metal surface complete. When properly applied, Firescoff immediately forms a white powdery film when in contact with the metal. Reheat the metal. Add a little more Firescoff when a reflection of Metal or Stone is still visible. Because Firescoff is also a flux, no other paste or liquid flux is required. After soldering, the Firescoff protective film can be simply rinsed with warm water or removed in an ultrasonic bath.

Application: silver, gold, platinum and palladium
Contains: 30ml

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