Presidium OTi

ALL IN ONE tester for natural and synthetic diamonds, simulants or moissanites

Presidium OTi das ALL IN ONE combi tester

OTi by Presidium revolutionizes diamond authentication with its dual Optical/Thermal testing in a single probe, ensuring accurate distinction between natural and synthetic diamonds. It is a quick, cost-effective tool that ensures accuracy and trust.

In the Diamond & Jewelry Industry (D&J), the OTi by Presidium emerges as an essential tool for all professional users such as jewelers, diamond wholesalers/traders, pawnbrokers, in ensuring accurate disclosure to maintain the integrity of the trade.

OTi by Presidium (OTi) enhances the authentication process by accurately distinguishing natural diamonds from synthetics, crucial in an era of increasing lab-grown diamonds and simulants. With its dual technologies of Optical/Thermal testing in a single probe, it provides a cost-effective and fast, on-the-spot validation, to optimize operational efficiency and instilled consumer confidence in your diamond verification processes.

• User-safe function to shut off UV light when not in use
• Resistive Touch Screen
• Auto Shutdown Feature
• Low Battery Indicator
• 6 Languages user interface
• Stylish ergonomic design for portability and ease of use

• Help identify colorless diamonds against CVD/HPHT lab-grown colorless diamonds, all types of moissanite and all common diamond simulants such as Glass, Sapphire and Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
• Dual technologies of Optical/Thermal in a single probe for instant results
• Test on loose and mounted diamonds in all jewelry settings
• Replaceable Probe Technology to minimize equipment downtime
• Compact and portable design for on-the-spot testing
• Test on colorless polished diamonds of all proportional cuts with a minimum gemstone's table width of 1.6mm

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